First ERNEST Training School

‚ÄčComputational tools to study GPCR signaling: From the genomic to the systems level
The Training School takes part at March 26th to 27th, 2020 and is dedicated specifically to the mapping group.  

Day 1: 
Session 1 (9 AM to 12 AM): Genomics level (Maria Marti Solano)
We will explore genomics information on variants and polymorphisms which could impact receptor physiology and drug response. We will start to assess how these variants could influence receptor structure and function.

Session 2 (1 PM to 4 PM): Structural level (Jana Selent)
We will map information about polymorphisms obtained from the genomics level on a three-dimensional structure and probe their impact on receptor dynamics and ligand binding using molecular dynamics simulations.

Day 2: 

Session 3 (9 AM to 12 AM): Systems level (Edda Klipp group)
We will focus on the impact of particular polymorphisms at a systems level by using a simplified model of a GPCR signalling system integrating different receptor signaling parameters. This model will allow simulating how polymorphisms affect these different parameters to alter receptor function. 

Session 4 (1 PM to 4 PM): Data level (Ulrike Wittig)
We will provide a general overview about data management including storage, sharing, interlinking, publishing, and curation of scientific data. This will allow developing a framework to integrate data generated in session 1, 2 and 3.